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Alt Energy farm is a small family run operation We have a small number of cows on a once a day milking regime. We have the replacement calves on the cows for 12 weeks in the herd. We have all year round supply. The healthy cows are fed grass and a smorgasboard of healthy pasture with many species in the crop. They also get hay or haylage made on the farm when grass growth is compromised. Mixed crops consist of a variety of herbal ley, deep rooted plants, red and white clovers. Other naturally occurring herbs are also available to the cows.

Biodynamic preps are used as appropriate. Soil conditioners and organic fertilisers including seaweed are applied also. Alt Energy Farm also cares for the environment by encouraging native birds, planting native trees, keeping bees, enabling the absorption of effluent into the deep soil base and we are getting good root depth on pastures.  Homeopathy is used to enhance health and treat problems. The farm is highly regarded by the organic farming and the raw milk drinking people. Shed procedures ensure great milk quality for drinking. Each cow is treated as an individual and comes in to bails when and where they choose.

Cedric milks 8 cows at once in a walk in/back out old school style shed. The shed is over 100 years old and maintained to current standards. Each cow has all four quarters stripped and if necessary teats are washed. dried and disinfected. The fore milk is checked, then the cups are applied when the cow is ready. After the cups are removed the cow is treated if necessary and marked up if there is a problem; they get individual attention at all times. Our cows leave the shed when ready, no stress, their calves come and go with them.

The milk is chilled to 4 degrees immediately thanks to an ice bank which is a heat exchanger and environmentally friendly. then the bottled milk is capped and placed in a commercial fridge. We regularly send the milk away for testing. We also herd test the cows. We are continually improving our processing and intend to install an automatic Cell count tests for the milk. The van used to transport the milk is refrigerated to a temperature of 4 degrees and transports the milk to about various location which serve hundred of families.